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Inflation Still Not the Problem

by Jon S. Strebler


It was a weekend of fireworks, in both the USA and Europe. For us, it was Happy Birthday and also a repatriation of the Women’s World Cup soccer title after a 19-year hiatus. In Europe, the fireworks weren’t of a celebratory nature, however, with Greeks overwhelmingly rejecting austerity and seemingly choosing chaos instead. Well, to be fair – whichever way they chose, things would be ugly for quite some time in Greece. Or as The Clash sang back in the ‘80s: If I go there will be trouble, an' if I stay it will be double. I feel really sad for the Greek people.


Markets weren’t quite as sanguine as I expected about Greece’s apparent decision to go it on their own. From Asia to Europe to the Americas, stocks tumbled in pre-trading on Monday and then as markets actually opened. But as this is written a bit of ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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