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New Prescription for Fuzzy Markets?

by Jon S. Strebler


Is there a correct prescription for glasses that will allow us to figure out what the next big move will be in the stock market? Because I’ve tried a lot, and everything keeps looking fuzzy. By now the routine is, well – pretty routine, and doesn’t require a lot of explanation. The short version is:


We’re in the midst of a huge, long-lasting bull market, most pronounced in the US of A, but also pretty healthy in most of the world’s other major markets. It is characterized as being over-bought by traditional measures, and for moving higher without a real price correction longer than any previous bull market in modern history. Both of these factors suggest that a big price drop or even the beginning of a bear market is just around the corner. The Dow Transportation Average has given the first half of a Dow Theory sell signal, ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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