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Fully Invested Bears


By Richard Russell


I’ll start by saying that in the mornings I wake up with a feeling of fear, as if it’s very difficult and frightening to face the new day. This morning I turned to yogic breathing in an effort to feel peace of mind. It’s peace of mind that I look for. That feeling of elusive peace, which would allow me to fall asleep at any time. No amount of money can produce peace of mind. God is the source of all money and we are merely the channels that may receive any income given to us by God.


I scour the newspapers for hints of coming turning points. By my calculations, the markets remain bullish. Massive amounts of money have gone into the US dollar and US Treasury Bonds. New record highs in the Dow attract the retail public.


Half an hour before the close, the Dow is down 66, and ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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