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Football Going the Way of Boxing?


Maybe there is hope for the world. According to the latest Economist magazine, the Jews love the Germans, and the Germans have a soft spot for the Jews. But neither likes the Muslims, who are pouring into Germany, and believe it or not, into Israel. Meanwhile, Western leaders are pushing Saudi Arabia to reform, for its own sake as well as its neighbors’. Who knows, within a year or so, women could be driving cars in Saudi Arabia.


On another subject, I watched the Superbowl, and the question arose in my mind: is football going the way of boxing? According to the latest polls, 50% of families will not let their sons play tackle football. Studies show that even boys 12 years or younger suffer mental problems when indulging in football. It’s a case of whether money will win out. There are so many billions involved in football, and it will not ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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