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Fickle Winds

Daily Recap

Stocks moved up somewhat overall, with the Global Dow Index gaining 0.17%. US stocks, however, gave up small amounts here, gained some there, with the S&P finishing up slightly on the day.


Even while expecting little if anything out of the Fed's current two-day meeting, investors are wont to parse any wee bit out of comments the Fed makes or does not make. Thus, attention is once again on the US central bank, and the dollar slipped a little vs. most other world currencies. 


Oil prices had another good day, and now the World Bank is on record as seeing an end to the big glut that had gutted prices, producers, and employees in the energy business. Aberdeen, Scotland, is, like so many other oil boom towns 'round the world: absolutely dying. Its streets and shops are nearly empty, its workers visiting other parts of the country in search of work. But ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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