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Economic Data Leading to Volatility

This is a data-heavy week in the markets. With the price-action of most major indexes bouncing around showing no clear trend, let's explore the data that investors are chewing on when making their assessment of what's to come.


Interpreting the true nature of economic data can be difficult since so much data exists and is presented in so many different ways. Here's a good example: One headline today reads, "Consumer Spending Posts Biggest Drop Since 2009."


Anyone who reads that, even if they take the time to finish the article, walks away with an "uh-oh" feeling in their stomach and probably a bearish outlook. Since most news these days is designed to elicit emotion, this really isn't all that surprising, but it does seem a little unfair. Typically, authors and publications who report on data like this do not take the time to put it in context.


For example, if you account for inflation, ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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