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Danger, Will Robinson

By Matthew Kerkhoff


From a technical perspective, the stock market is on fragile footing. Today’s decline in the Industrials reconfirms the bearish short-term trend by creating another “lower low.”


After reaching a new all-time high in late-May, unconfirmed by the Transports, the Industrials failed to overcome their prior high, and fell through their prior correction low. This led to the development of a short-term Dow Theory sell signal discussed on June 29th.



From that point, the Industrials attempted to rally but again failed to overcome their prior high, stopping just a few points short. Now, with five consecutive down days in a row, the Industrials have taken out their most recent low, reconfirming the downward short-term trend. This puts the Industrials below both their 50-day and 200-day moving averages. The 50-day moving average (thin blue line above) has also rolled over and is itself heading south.


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