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A Changing World?

By Benjamin J. Butler


Seoul, South Korea


Let us as bankers, and I speak with feeling because I am a member of the fraternity of bankers – I have been in the banking business all of my life – let us get a touch of reality. Let us forget our homesickness for a past that, desirable as it may have been, we cannot bring back, and let our record in the future be one of leadership in helping to direct the course of social and economic well being. Let us change the record of the past, which has been one of opposition to every progressive move by the Government.


Marriner S. Eccles, Governor of the Federal Reserve, 1936


Some things don’t change.


Global Entrepreneurship


This morning I had a chat with John (Hanjoo) Lee, one of the founders of Hostway (a global hosting company head quartered in Chicago), and now founder of a global fund called Spark ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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