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Back to the Beginning

By Richard Russell


When I first started writing Dow Theory Letters, I sent out mailings irregularly, at a time when I thought my comments were needed.


For many years I’ve been writing daily. Often, these daily comments were not necessary, and I had to wrack my brain to write something of interest. Now I have decided to include daily comments only when I have something significant to say. This will take a huge load off my mind, and allow me to rest between comments.


It appears that Dow 18,000 offers powerful resistance to a higher Dow. If the Dow can close above 18,000 and remain there, it will be a bullish technical achievement.


Turning to gold, which is selling at 1240 as I write … As long as gold is holding above 1200, it will be a healthy technical achievement. Overhead resistance of 1300 is the current problem. But as long as gold holds above ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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