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Back to Square One Again?

by Jon S. Strebler


Well, I don’t have to tell you that this is frustrating. Expected follow-through on the market’s upside breakout a couple of weeks ago never materialized. As my colleagues Richard and Matt wrote on Friday, the stock market is trendless and full of divergences. Both of these indicate general confusion in the investments world, and argue against taking meaningful action of just about any kind. As such, today’s column will be similar to your investments to-do list, which is to say - brief. 


There’s little to add to the pictures and comments of my previous column (from May 26th), although we’ll go through a few quick updates. The one big issue we’ll explore is the possibility of the Dow Theory turning bearish after years of being bullish. That has NOT happened yet, nor does it seem imminent, but it’s on everyone’s mind so we might as well get up ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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