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As the World Turns

Daily Recap

Stocks continued rallying after last Thursday's big drop and confirmation of a Dow Theory bear market. Nobody ever said this business was easy...


Energy prices firmed up again today on hopes of cooperation among suppliers. Oil was up 6%, which boosted stocks in general and energy companies especially. 


Further support came from "dovish" Fed minutes, released today. They confirm the notion that the Fed won't be hiking rates again anytime soon. European markets closed some 3% higher, even before the Fed story broke. Near the close, U.S. stock indices are up 1.5% to 2%


Once again, the precious metals are higher, after their brief two-day pullback. The case for a new bull markets there continues to improve, with gold up $9 and XAU up 2%.



As the World Turns

By Jon S. Strebler



As the World Turns was a very successful daytime soap opera. It ran from the 1950s all the way until 2010, and ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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