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Stock Market as Living Organism

By Richard Russell


Hillary Rodham Clinton is finally taking the plunge. I’m tired of the successions of Bushes and Clintons. Gad, they’re even readying Chelsea for something. I can’t vote for another Clinton. But Hillary Rodham Clinton is a woman, and I’m sick of men in the White House. So I guess, if need be, I could vote for Hillary. What about a republican? I’ll just have to see what they come up with. It’s a tough situation. The everyday family needs help. The everyday Joe is fascinated with billionaires. But fascination – hell – he just wants a job with a living wage.


On another subject, I’ve been thinking about the unconscious. Everything you learned before the age of four and everything you did in many previous lives is buried deep in the unconscious. The unconscious deals with the things you dare not express on a conscious level.


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