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The Age of Money

By Richard Russell


I read with interest Vanity Fair’s letter to its readers. The editor asked if we could put a name and age to the world we live in. He suggested we call it "The Age of Money.” He knows we could say this about almost any age, but notes that this period is different, in that it seems to be only about money. 


One of the most beloved and respected men in the nation is its third richest man – Warren Buffet. Gone are the days of the millionaire. Now to make Forbes' esteemed list of the world’s richest men you have to own assets in the multi-billions. How big is a billion? A billion seconds is 32 years. I also tore out a page of the current edition of Fortune magazine. A full page ad promotes investing in biotechnology. The emphasis is not in raising the health of mankind, but in making money.


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