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Daily Recap

Well how 'bout those apples? A most bizarre market reaction to the oddest conclusion to the strangest election in US history. Following Trump's surprise (to put it lightly) presidential victory, the Dow Industrials cratered a very understandable 800 points in futures trading. Then things changed...

Approaching the close, the Dow is now UP 200+ points, giving us a 1000+ point trading range in less than 24 hours. The reason for the rally? Well, Trump as President won't be nearly as wild as Trump the candidate. He is basically pro-business. And he plans on ramping up infrastructure spending a bunch, part of a projected $5 trillion deficit over the coming years. Those sector companies, along with pharmaceuticals and others, are expected to do better under Trump.

So stocks are up in Europe and up in the US. Bonds -- not so much, as deficits can lead to inflation, which causes higher interest rates and ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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