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Richard's Wisdom

By The Dow Theory Team


We will all miss Richard for a long time to come. His wisdom was unique, and it's reflected in many of his valuable articles.


We've decided that the best way to keep Richard's legacy alive is to publish the best of his articles every Friday. With more than 50 years of writing, we'll revisit his pearls of wisdom and adapt them to what's currently happening in the markets.


For starters, this week we're publishing Richard's most popular article, Rich Man, Poor Man. It's a keeper and a good one to pass on to your children or grandchildren.


Even though the interest rate example is dated, the concepts and validity of this strategy remain solid.


Plus, interest rates aren't going to stay at these 5,000 year lows much longer. They'll soon be headed higher and as they rise, the example in the article will begin to dovetail with today's reality.


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