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How I Live


By Richard Russell


How I live: I live in a two-story, four bedroom house. My caregivers are a Filipino family: mother, son, son’s pregnant wife and their three-year-old daughter. I’m looking at a picture of a young girl, maybe 20 years of age. She’s my grandmother on my mother’s side, and her name is Caroline Bowman. 


I have an interesting family history. My grandfather on my father’s side committed suicide during the stock market crash of 1906. His son, my Uncle Irving, lived on dividends provided by the family company called City Stores. In 1929, when the market crashed, City Stores cut their dividend, and this was too much for Uncle Irving. He jumped out of the window of the hotel he was living in. 


Going back to my mother’s side, Caroline Bowman gave birth to two daughters. One was my mother, Hortense, and the other was my Aunt Geneva. Faced with a third ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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