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Times Have Changed


By Richard Russell


My father was a southerner, and attended Clemson College. My father said that talking to the president of the college, the president told him that in his lifetime, no "nigrah" would ever attend Clemson. 


Times have changed. Black athletes dominate the Clemson football team. And Clemson football is now number one in the country. 


Along the same lines, UFC fighting, once banned in the country, is now more popular than boxing. The head of UFC, Dana White, vowed that no female would ever fight for the UFC. But Ronda Rousey, who took bantamweight, is now one of the biggest draws in the UFC. 


Speaking of fighting, the Founding Fathers were very much in favor of all Americans being armed. The Founding Fathers were fearful of any government which is holding all the weapons. The first thing the Nazis did was take the guns from the population.  As a Jew, I am very ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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