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Pain Nation

By Richard Russell


It’s now conceded that there are 300 million guns in this country. Along with the sheer number of guns, we have an extraordinary heroin epidemic. Heroin addiction often starts with an addiction to painkillers prescribed for injuries or other ills. Others turn to heroin as a way of escaping their mental pain.


The fact is that America is dealing with a pain epidemic – either mental or physical pain. We’re a heroin nation trying to escape our pain. Let’s say there are half a million Americans in pain, and on heroin as they attempt to get away from their pain. With these kinds of statistics, it’s no surprise that almost daily, we hear of some American in pain, losing control, and with no particular reason killing other Americans. 


The answer is not to take away guns. The answer is for America to turn toward spirituality - to allow ourselves to love ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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