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A Little Humor

By Richard Russell


I've never dealt with a market that is so sensitive to news. If you know what the Fed is planning, you know what the market will do next. The Fed is dying to normalize short rates. But the Fed is very uncertain about the US economy. This tells me that the Fed will hold off on raising rates for as long as it can. The fact is, the Fed is confused and the man in the street knows the US has sunk into recession.

However I cannot think that the U.S. has gone through its revolution, Civil War and WWII only to sink out of sight as a second class nation. Therefore I am a bull and I believe in America. 


The recent clusters of breadth thrusts are characteristic of bull markets and are seldom seen in bear markets. My opinion -- this is a complicated, deceptive and confusing bull market. Somewhere ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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