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It's Complicated

By Richard Russell


The situation in Europe is so complicated that I'm ready for anything. I just hope it's not WWIII. Putin is anxious to bring back the old Soviet empire. As Putin sees it, the US, Russia and China should be on equal footing. Putin views Obama as a weak and trembling broken duck that is sadly out of water. As a result, Putin is pushing the US and NATO as far as he can. 


In the meantime, the story is that worried Chinese investors are dumping their stocks and buying gold in huge quantities. They are emulating the Indians, who are buying gold in huge quantities.

It seems like the Fed is more confused than ever. Any threat of raising short rates may be put off until 2017. 

The year ahead is guaranteed to provide surprises and I sincerely hope that one of them will not be WWIII. I think Putin will push ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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