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Drums of War

By Richard Russell


I can't believe it. The drums of war are rattling again. The Russians are in the process of taking over the middle east. Obama is paralyzed and there is no red line beyond which Russia cannot move.


Gold is moving up as it always does in times of war. As I write, Gold us up 18 dollars to 1157.  The critical resistance point is 1200 for gold. Above that, gold should start to surge.


Putin is ready to put Russia in its former glory days. He's depending on NATO and the west to avoid war at all costs. For my subscribers the best position is to be in gold and silver. Americans are frightened and don't know which course to take. If war becomes closer, silver and gold will move higher. But there's more at stake in a war than making money. 


The great depression ended with the beginning of WWII. I ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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