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Bullish Follow Through

By Richard Russell


The Russell scenario : economic statistics come out and they are shockingly deflationary.  The Fed and central banks around the world are shocked by the deflationary statistics. As a result, the world of central banks opened their spigots in a desperate attempt to hold back deflation and produce 2% of core inflation. When the election comes, voters see that Trump is basically a big mouthed buffoon and the election goes to Hillary or some other democrat. Massive make work programs as per the 1930's are put in place. With central banks around the world spewing forth currencies, there is a good chance that hyperinflation will make its entrance.

The stock market and the precious metals are already discounting my scenario. The market is having a follow through day after yesterday's strong action. Industrials and Transports are up triple digits. With industrials above 17,000 again. Transports back above 8,000. The NYSE is ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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