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The Science of Investing

By Richard Russell


I just finished reading a book called Sports Leaders and Success by William J. O' Neal. O'Neal is founder of Investors Business Daily (IBD). If you read his newspaper, you'll see that he includes a massive number of quotes and information about individual stocks.


O'Neal has made a study of successful people and their techniques. He has attempted to use investing as a science. In my opinion investing will never be a science since so much of it is due to human emotions.


Nevertheless, I gain a lot of information from IBD. The publisher, O'Neal, is obsessed with success. This book includes chapters on great sports leaders, and then he goes on to try to determine why each of those leaders has been so successful.


I can see that O' Neal is obsessed with making investing a predictable science. Unfortunately, investing has too much to do with predicting the ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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