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Bear Market Lurks

By Richard Russell


Both the Transports and the Nasdaq are up big. The NYSE is above 10,000 again, which I consider a good sign.


I'm very much afraid of a huge bear market that could correct all the progress since the July 1932 low. My market work tells me that the stock market is negative, which is not what I want to see.


Industrials and Transports both closed up triple digits. When the Transports and Nasdaq both close up, I like it. Despite my fears, the market closed bullishly today. The bull trend is slowly strengthening.



I'm dedicating my life to teaching people the wonders of raising their children to love themselves. Unfortunately, my childhood was traumatic and I grew up fearful of being left alone to face a frightening world. Later in life, I recreated the circumstances of my childhood. Every morning I repeat the fears of my traumatic infancy.

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