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By Benjamin J. Butler


This morning I read that London’s Heathrow Airport experienced its busiest August ever this year, up another 8% in passengers. Having not lived in the UK for quite awhile, I am always astonished by its incredible success. It was in my absence that the Cool Britannia campaign was launched. This week I saw that the UK is ranked No. 1 in the world for soft power (the phrase invented by Professor Nye), according to a consultancy called Portland.


In the beauty of the English countryside, though, where I am now, this all doesn't seem that significant. I am just ecstatic to be able to walk alongside the River Dart, enjoy early morning walks and re-befriend nature, reminiscing over the old days. This seems a little incongruous when I start looking at Bloomberg charts and reading about financial markets around the world. But often some distance gives one perspective.


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