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The Golden Key

By Richard Russell


One of the greatest gifts Emmet Fox has given to mankind is The Golden Key (TGK). TGK has been translated into many languages including French, Italian and German.


TGK explains that you are only the channel through which divine action takes place, and your treatment will begin by getting yourself out of the way. Beginners often get startling results upon the first time of trying. One only has to have an open mind. Apart from that you may hold fixed views of religion or none. As for the actual method of working, it is simplicity itself. All you have to do is this. Stop thinking about the difficulty, whatever it is, and start thinking about God instead. This is the complete rule, if only you'll get out of the way.

Here is a link to The Golden Key online

TGK pamphlet is one of the greatest sources of wisdom I have ever received. As I ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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