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Gold Is Out of Fed's Grip


By Richard Russell


The two big questions: Will the Fed raise rates, and if so when? The second question: will China upset the world economy?


The trend of the stock market is down. Is it a correction or a bear market? There is no way to tell yet, but my subscribers are prepared for anything since we are out of stocks. Gold and silver are pure wealth and are outside the grip of the Fed. The Fed can’t create more gold nor can it reduce the supply. The Fed hates gold and the reasons are obvious.


The Fed, the new master of the universe, has pegged short rates at zero. The Fed had also been buying mortgages and other securities, in the program known as quantitative easing. This is the Fed’s way of bringing loan rates down. But try as it might, the Fed has not been able to push inflation to its 2% ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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