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Wait for Tomorrow

By Richard Russell


The market doesn’t always work the way I think it’s supposed to. After the crash, I watched to see if the recovery would go to a new high. This it failed to do. Normally after these failures the Industrials would slowly sink to test the lows. And after stalling for a few weeks, the Industrials would continue their decline, and the bear market would continue. 


But the market doesn’t always work the way I think it should. As I write, a half hour before the close, Industrials are up 48 while transports are down 40. The important Nasdaq was up 42 and the NYSE was up 85. As for gold, it is down 17.20 to 1137.70. Thus I’ve been frustrated in all areas, even in the case of silver vs. gold. I have had to eat crow since gold has outperformed silver.


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