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Monster Boxes of Silver a Steal


By Richard Russell


The US Treasury puts out what it calls “monster boxes” of silver coins. Each box contains 500 one ounce silver coins. Delivery on these boxes is now 3-5 weeks. In other words, there’s a tremendous rush to buy these boxes. I would like all my subscribers to buy as many boxes as they can afford. You can buy these boxes from your local dealer or from my dealer at 858-459-2228. Silver will be the hot metal, and when it takes off, it will drag gold with it. 


As I write, 45 mnutes before the close, silver is up .18 to 15.54. Gold is up 3.3 to 1162.5. The stock market is doing well. Industrials are up 229, Transports are also up triple digits. The Nasdaq, up 80, has climbed past the critical 5,000 level.


As subscribers know, I’m a cheerleader for the US. At this point I’m not particularly worried about ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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