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What to Believe?

By Richard Russell 


What to believe? I’m bombarded daily with so many mailings and brochures that sometimes I just sit back and say to myself, “how much of this is fiction or propaganda and how much is real?” One outfit that I read and am impressed with is John Williams' Shadow Statistics. But strangely, I never see him quoted. Here’s what he says in his latest mailing:

Broad outlook is unchanged: economy remains in downturn. Dollar faces massive decline with ongoing implications for a hyperinflation crisis. The US economy remains in ongoing downturn, while the US dollar faces a massive decline, with implications for a meaningful upturn in inflation evolving into a great hyperinflationary crisis. Signs of systemic instability are increasing anew.

Then I read Porter Stansberry’s alarming forecast of a dollar collapse and blood in the streets, which he's forecasted for many years.


What to believe? Ever since starting Dow Theory Letters I’ve depended ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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