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Auction Prices Off the Charts

By Richard Russell


A few weeks ago it was all over the headlines: California is suffering its worst drought in over a century. One-eighth of the population of the US lives in the Golden state. Water, water everywhere (the Pacific Ocean), and not a drop to drink.


As sudden as the emergency appeared, it has disappeared. Not a word about it in the local papers. Nobody here seems worried. Suddenly, Lockheed Martin has come up with an astounding device, a filter one atom thick that will filter salt out of water. LMT discovered it, but will not manufacture this amazing filter. LMT is looking for someone else to manufacture it.


On top of that, desalination plants are being proposed. The great fear has dissipated. California will survive.


I’ve been reading reports from the Sotheby’s and Christie’s auction. Prices are off the charts and I mean off the top of the charts. Record ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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