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The Next Disaster

By Richard Russell


I’ve said this before; there are three things that I depend on, and they have always worked for me. One, I am always safe. Two, I always hear what’s important and what I am supposed to hear. And three, God provides me with whatever supplies I need for that day.


Over the weekend, I received a brochure from Steven Leeb. I have read Leeb’s work for a long time and I am convinced that Leeb is very intelligent and an honest person. The brochure I received was about what he calls, “the mega drought.” Leeb believes that this could possibly be a ten-year drought. History has shown that we have had droughts that have lasted ten-years, thirty-years, and more. 


Then it struck me - while we are all looking for the time when the stock market may top out, the real danger is in another place. The greater danger will rise ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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