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Time to Build Desalinization Plants is Now


By Richard Russell


Daily I receive brochures warning me of coming catastrophes or fantastic money making schemes that will allow me to retire as a happy billionaire (no joke). If you’re not receiving them, you’re missing out on the grotesque fun. But wait, today I received a brochure from an analyst whom I respect, and this latest brochure warns of a national drought catastrophe. He boasts of a list of stocks that will make you money as the national drought spreads over the land. But I ask myself – what good is a money winning stock when you’re dying of thirst?


The drought in the West is receiving surprisingly little coverage. In my opinion, the coast of California should be riddled with desalinization plants. But from what I see, very little is happening. Desalinization plants, if started today, could take four years to complete. They’re too expensive, the naysayers complain, but my answer ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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