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Gold Audit Needed


By Richard Russell


I still fail to see any definite trend in the various averages and the indices are helter-skelter, as has been the case over the past couple of weeks.


An hour before the close, the Dow Industrials are down 45 points and below their support at 18,000. In opposition to the Industrials, Transports are up 75 and still comfortably above their 8,000 support level. Utilities are down 8.40 and well above the 500 even number. To mix it up, the Nasdaq is up 15 and just above 5,000, making the whole picture a mixed salad. With the dollar higher, gold in terms of the dollar is down 5.8, to 1175.6. Silver is down 0.01 to 16.07. Gold has habitually been down on Fridays, so today gold has done nothing new. 


One of the strangest cases in the current economy is the fact that no impartial agency has audited the US gold holdings. ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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