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Many Questions

By Richard Russell


Underneath a quiet market, major events are building. Britain may quit the EU, Greece may default on its debts and quit the EU, JP Morgan may halt its shorting of silver on the Comex, and news of a faltering US economy may break out into the open.


What do we know for sure? We know that JPM has shorted 75,000 oz. of silver, thereby driving the price of silver down in the paper market. But what’s this? At the same time, JPMorgan has accumulated what Ted Butler thinks is 830 million ounces of silver. Thus JPM has driven the price down so it could accumulate a huge position on the cheap. All that has to happen now is that JPM halts its short selling of silver, and the price of the actual metal should start surging.


Turning to the US economy, industrial production has been falling for five consecutive months. This practically guarantees that ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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