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Wars May be a Thing of the Past

By Richard Russell


China and Russia have become economic allies. This is a good thing, as the last thing I want to see is China and Russia at war. Both of these nations want to be economic powerhouses, not stronger than the US, but on a par with the US.


My intuition tells me that wars between great nations may be a thing of the past. The incredible loss of life in WWII stands as a monument to human insanity. Furthermore, WWII saw two ghastly weapons of war appear: the atomic bomb and mustard gas. These two weapons are so horrific that they may have ended wars between the great powers. If so, the end of major wars will mark a tremendous advance in civilization.



I wonder if it is a coincidence that in the 1930s we had the great Dust Bowl of the Southwest, and today we have what we call the ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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