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My Secret Suspicion

By Richard Russell


The stock market continues cautiously higher and 45 minutes before the close, the Dow is up 70 to 18,108 and Transports are flat. The Nasdaq, clinging stubbornly above 5000, is down 6 to 5054.


In the meantime, gold is up 9 and back above the resistance level of 1200 to 1212.2. Silver is also up 0.22 to 16.66. SLV, the silver trust, is up 0.26 to 15.92. CEF, which holds physical silver and gold in Canada, is up 0.09 to 12.19. Nearly all of the precious metal items that I follow are higher.


My secret suspicion is that when this market turns down, we’ll be dealing with the worst bear market since the 1920s. My job, I’ve concluded, will be to steer my subscribers through the wreckage and to keep them safe until the next bull market.



Words from Emmet Fox’s Alter Your Life:

The wonderful fact is that now, after all these thousands and thousands ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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