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Our Best Days are Ahead

By Richard Russell


My son, Ryan, is having his wedding on Sunday in Hawaii. He has married a marvelous girl named Taylor. I was too tired to make the trip to Hawaii. Ryan has come a long way on his path to spirituality and Taylor has been a great help to him. I wish them happiness in their life together.

Turning to the stock market, it's a stalemate with the Industrials up 20 and the Transports down 20. The Nasdaq is up 35 to 5091. Gold is down 16.5 to 1177.8 and Silver is down 0.15 to 15.72.

A voice tells me that America’s best days are ahead and the same goes for the precious metals.

Today was a climactic day for me. I went through a period of extreme fear. I asked God to give me peace of mind and God has given me what I asked for.


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