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The Haunting U.S. Dollar

By Richard Russell 


The following has occurred to me. Despite all our advances in science, scientists have never been able to produce a living cell. An amoeba is a one cell living organism. Science has created atomic bombs and fighter planes that can surpass the speed of sound, but it has not been able to create one living cell. So where did life begin? Some of the greatest scientists believe that life began with the hand of God.



The question that haunts me is whether the US dollar has topped out for the duration.


Turning to China, its GDP will soon eclipse the US’s GDP. Personally, I don’t think China wants to surpass the US and be the new leader of the world. I think China wants to be on par with the US. We don’t know how much gold China has, but we do know that China is continually accumulating gold. It’s been a ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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