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Great Hopes for the U.S.

By Richard Russell


In three months, I’ll be 91. As you get older, strange moods come over you. You feel like sleeping, but you can’t sleep. You feel like eating, but you have no appetite. You feel like tackling the market, but you don’t know where to start. Why don’t I start there.


I have great hopes for the US but I’m not sure the stock market is going to agree with me. As I write 45 minutes before the close, Industrials are up 82 and Transports are up 50. The Nasdaq is up 23 and happily over the 5,000 mark. Gold is down 16 to 1185.80. Silver is down 0.22 at 15.76.


Distribution days are now six for the Nasdaq and only 4 for the S&P. Despite a veritable chorus of pessimists, the stock market continues to hold its own. The stock market is now rising in the face of an army of ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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