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US Will Be a Survivor

By Richard Russell


Reading the comments on the internet I note that higher emotions and hysteria are in the air -- just look up "dollar crash" on Google. Some commentators are even predicting a collapse of the US and a coming apart of the entire currency system. Others are predicting a crash of the US financial system with the Dow falling under 400 (Elliot Wave, Theorist).


It does seem that something momentous lies ahead. Many are warning of a total collapse in the US. I often have strong feelings about subjects and I want to say that I have a strong intuition about the survival of the US.


No matter how brutal a bear market may enter the picture, I have a very strong feeling that the US will survive. The US will rise stronger and more brilliant than before, but prior to that we may have to navigate through hard times. I ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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