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Richard's Remarks


Vacation – Day 1


Thank God for modern medicine. I woke up yesterday so weak that I couldn’t stand, so off to the ER and tests. I had a severe urinary infection, and had been so weak that I thought I was done for. One pill of antibiotic Levaquin and today I am standing and traveling with my walker.



The great deflationary forces that are overpowering central banks everywhere have settled in. In an effort to combat the world deflationary forces, every nation wants a cheaper currency to benefit their exports. The result is a world choking on ever expanding fiat money. This is pushing assets higher. The result will be a limited-time explosion with assets priced in terms of soaring fiat currencies. This will give us the third phase of the bull market that started in 1980. Ultimately, the power of world deflation will end the bull market and we will enter a correction ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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