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The International Investor

by Benjamin J. Butler


Manchester, U.K.


A Personal Tragedy


Last week my younger sister Rebecca Dadswell (previously Butler) passed away and I have rushed back to the UK to be with my family. She was 35 years old and just four weeks before had given birth to a beautiful young daughter named Isabella. The whole family is mystified by the causes and shocked. As my wife and I became pregnant just a month after my sister, my parents were euphoric about two new granddaughters. Now they have lost a daughter. She was one of the kindest souls you could ever meet. As a child she was an aspiring singer and dancer, and started to have some success. But one day she had a life epiphany and wanted not only more job security but also to contribute to society in a meaningful way (to her). She spent time working as a nurse and then surprised us all by ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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