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Strebler's Perspective

AT THIS TIME OF YEAR, we have one foot in the past as we remember and seek to digest what happened in 2014, but another foot in the future as we ponder what 2015 is likely to bring. Theoretically, doing the first helps us in doing the second, and so I’ve spent quite of bit of time lately looking at what happened during 2014 and where we start in 2015. Join me in reviewing the Ghosts of Markets Past, before we venture a look at the Ghosts of Markets Yet to Come, as it were.


For 2014’s most surprising or certainly most influential Markets Past, I nominate the U.S. dollar and crude oil. You read elsewhere all about the ramifications of the dollar’s coming collapse – but that was not to be. Instead, the buck soared, draining strength from other markets and boosting US stock indices to their sixth consecutive year of higher prices. The ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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