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Matt's Market Insights

2014 has been another year for the bulls. As you can probably guess, equities have provided the best total return at 15.3%. Bonds also had a solid year in the face of geopolitical turmoil and anticipation of Fed rate hikes. Total returns (include price gains and interest payments) stand at 4.6% for US Treasuries and 7.0% for corporate bonds. Gold staged a rally early in 2014 but has continued to trend lower; as of today it is down about 2% for the year.


The chart below looks at sector performance during 2014. It's no surprise that energy was the worst performer, but what's interesting is which sectors did the best. The obvious winner is the Utilities sector, the most bond-like sector of the equity market. Utilities are attractive not only for their resilience to economic conditions but also their yields. At a time when global bond yields are suppressed, Utilities are offering ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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