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Strebler's Perspective

WHICH IS IT? You’ve read about this before here, the maddening contradiction between two relatively undeniable truths: On the one hand, we know that great things come to people who are competent and talented, but haven’t yet experienced success. Hang in there, stay the course – you WILL be rewarded! A good example of this was back in the late-70s, when Mr. Russell was telling me about how Martin Zweig was brilliant, but had been wrong about the market for years. “Zweig’s about due to be right, and in a big way!” Richard assured me. And sure enough, he was right, as Zweig’s own stock soon soared in the investments world.


From an investments standpoint, this translates as staying with time-tested strategies, even if they’ve been unhelpful and unprofitable for quite awhile, knowing that their time will once again return. Keep doing what you know is right! The flip side to this, the evil twin of ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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