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Richard's Remarks

One advantage of being 90 years of age is that I can readily see the changes and the new thinking that mankind goes through. During the Civil War, soldiers were afraid of any wound, no matter how small. The reason was the fear of infection from a tear in the skin, or from surgery. My grandmother on my mother’s side died of an infection during childbirth. My mother’s sister died from a mastoid infection. Another child was born after I was born in 1924; that child died of an infection. When I was a boy, parents kept their children indoors for fear of polio, which resurged every summer.


When I was a teenager, a trip from New York City to nearby Connecticut required a full day of driving. Today a trip from New York to Stamford, Connecticut takes about three hours.


Here in California, we’ve been going through a disastrous drought. ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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