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Strebler's Perspective

IT’S COMING UP ON THAT TIME OF YEAR – those thinly traded, choppy market days. People have other things to do besides warp their minds and wring their hands over what stocks, bonds, currencies, and commodities are going to do: family to visit and shop for, storms to dig out from underneath, tax consequences to calculate, bonuses to lock in. Between now and early-January, market veterans know we’re likely to face skittish markets moving in ways that are less likely to mean much of anything than during the rest of the year.


But still – here we are with some rather significant price movements, potentially marking big trend changes. Oil – exhausting itself on the downside after a horrific second half of the year? The US dollar and US stock market – finally topping out after monster runs to the upside? Gold and silver – in the early stages of new bull markets? Perhaps -- ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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