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Richard's Remarks


Crashing oil prices have put the squeeze on Putin’s Russia. At the same time, low priced oil has given US consumers extra money to spend. As I write 45 minutes before the close, the Dow has taken it on the chin, down 243 points, with Transports down 86 points. The S&P and the NASDAQ are both down substantially.


I continue to think that better times lie ahead for the US, the world’s bastian of democracy. The US may make mistakes, but ultimately it admits its mistakes and publishes them for the entire world to see.


Personally, I’m against torture and capital punishment. Hate the crime and love the perpetrator. When we love ourselves and love our fellow man there will be no more torture and capital punishment – no more lies and deceitful propaganda.


One of the aspects of God is truth, and gold is truth in money. As I write, spot gold is trading ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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