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The ETF Investor

One of the greatest things about the investment markets is that there is never a shortage of topics to dive into. Take this week for example. 


On Monday we had oil prices continue their crash, only to recover fully by the end of the day. Could it be a short term bottom? That same day, initial Black Friday retail sales suggested a whopping 11% decline in revenues over last year. Does this mean QE-Infinity is back on the table? There is also the data out of Europe and Japan. In short, Europe is getting worse and Japan may not be as bad off as it has been. Will these economies ever escape the grips of disinflation/deflation?


I could easily write about any one of these topics, as they are all likely affecting the markets. But to me, most of these short-term news headlines are just noise. From my perspective, one of the ... Log in or subscribe to continue reading.

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